Tesla is going to have to increase the price of FSD by a lot more in order to stay true to Elon’s claim that Tesla vehicles are now appreciating assets. Width: 75.6 in Le détail de leurs équipements reste à connaître. Le Tesla Model Y s’avère extrêmement proche de la Tesla Model 3 avec laquelle il partage la plateforme. Since its launch, Model Y has only been offered in two versions: Long Range Dual Motor AWD and Performance. Top gear, 50–70 mph: 2.0 sec And when you’re on the road, it’s easy to plug in along the way—at any public station or with the Tesla charging network. 75-mph highway driving: 94 MPGe Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.88 g, C/D FUEL ECONOMY It sells vehicles under its 'Tesla Motors' division and stationary battery pack for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its 'Tesla Energy' division. Using the chassis, interior, and powertrain from the smaller Model 3, the 2021 Tesla Model Y adds additional cargo space, an optional third row of seats, and SUV styling to the more affordable end of the brand's offerings. There's nothing to report on crash-test results from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The $47,000 long-range Model Y will come first in the fall of 2020, and it will have a range of 300 miles, Musk said. The Model Y is really a compact crossover. In the Model Y, almost every function is managed through the large, slim infotainment display that's in the middle of the dashboard. Tesla builds the 2020 Model S in California. Based on footage of the race, it was a tight race all the way to the finish line. Dealers will take advantage of a new vehicle launch to charge premiums. The 2020 Tesla Model Y is an all-new electric small luxury SUV. J’ai vu sur la route un premier Tesla Model Y et je suis tombé sous le charme. VEHICLE TYPE Length: 187.0 in (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); As a surprise move today, Tesla is reducing the price of the Model Y, the automaker’s latest vehicle by $3,000 — a significant price drop for a vehicle that came to market only a few months ago. Everything from climate control to the speedometer is shown on this display, which takes some getting used to. The SUV body creates a higher center of gravity, which dulls the sharp edge of the Model 3's handling, and the Y's ride is considerably rougher over road imperfections as well. Concevez et commandez votre Model Y de Tesla, la voiture du futur. Rollout, 1 ft: 0.3 sec Suspension (F/R): control arm/multilink Passenger volume: 106 ft3 Power from the Model Y's dual on-board electric motors is plentiful and all-wheel drive is standard (for now), but we found the taller SUV body dulls the otherwise taut behavior of the Model 3's chassis. Don't worry, drivers are locked out of using these distractions while the vehicle is moving. The Tesla Model Y is a compact electric SUV with similar styling cues as the Model 3 sedan but with a taller roof. For the Tesla Model Y, from 2021, you will have the choice of adapting the cabin into 5 or 7 seats when ordering. We may earn money from the links on this page. The Tesla Model S is 16.3 feet long. The automaker didn’t explain why it was reducing the price of its new electric SUV today. New prices of Tesla Model Y in the U.S. as of July 13, 2020: Long Range AWD: $49,990 (+$1,200 Destination & doc fee) Long Range AWD Performance: … Tesla All-Wheel Drive has two ultra-responsive, independent electric motors that digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels—for far better handling, traction and stability control. Quel est son prix? We saw some dealerships trying to do that with the Mustang Mach-E. You can send tips on Twitter (DMs open) or via email: fred@9to5mac.com. Purchase Wall Connectors, chargers, adapters, vehicle accessories and Tesla branded merchandise, collectibles and clothing for women, men and children. An all-glass roof lends an airy ambience to the cabin but is heavily tinted to avoid roasting occupants in Sun Belt states. Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s crossover all-electric vehicle built on the same third-generation platform as the Tesla Model 3. Height: 63.9 in It was Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model 3 in Round 6 of the all-EV Grand Prix in Japan. Edmunds also has Tesla Model X pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer reviews and more. MAGS TESLA MODEL3 ,Y ,S ,X KIT D'HIVER AU PRIX DU GROS ... Tesla MODEL Y WInter Wheels & Tire package 235/55R18 without TPMS NEW HOT! J’ai vu sur la route un premier Tesla Model Y et je suis tombé sous le charme. However, launching the RWD Standard Range Plus version would have a much greater impact than reducing the price of the Long Range AWD version. Again, this shows why as a consumer you shouldn’t buy the early production of a new Tesla vehicle. PRICE AS TESTED $57,190 (base price: $54,190) MOTORS Un prix assez élevé. Fast free shipping on most purchases. Tesla All-Wheel Drive has two ultra-responsive, independent electric motors that digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels—for far better handling, traction and stability control. from $1310 installed. Through Zalkon.com, you can check out Fred’s portfolio and get monthly green stock investment ideas. Model Y is capable in rain, snow, mud and off-road. Curb weight: 4386 lb, C/D TEST RESULTS Explore Tesla apparel and lifestyle collections for everyone. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Like that car, it is largely free of buttons and relies mostly on a large infotainment display centered on a simple dashboard. And those seeking the optional third row of seats will be able to add them for an additional $3000. Its curb weight ranges from 4,883 to 4,941 pounds. Tesla has not yet released an estimated range for the upcoming rear-wheel-drive Long Range model. Fred is the Editor in Chief and Main Writer at Electrek. The all-wheel-drive Long Range offers 326 miles of range; the Performance model's estimated range drops to 303 miles. Research the 2020 Tesla Model X with our expert reviews and ratings. Top speed (governor limited): 136 mph At the end of the day, it’s good that the Model Y is cheaper since it’s going to be accessible to more people. Instead, this move just slashed the value of all early Model Y cars whose buyers have placed a deposit on for a year. Le Tesla Model Y est vendu à partir de 69 990 $ (Long Range), alors que la version Performance montre un prix de 83 990 $. front- and mid-motor, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door wagon, PRICE AS TESTED Tesla calls the Model Y a midsize SUV, though it's just following suit with the rest of the auto industry's marketing tactics. That being said, other than the introduction of an optional pair of pop-up third-row jump seats, we aren't forecasting any major design or technology upgrades this year. To be fair, you can see a similar pattern with other automakers using the dealer model. The official Tesla Shop. Model Y is fully electric, so you never need to visit a gas station again. Not only are you likely to have more quality issues early in the production ramp, but Tesla has also started a pattern of reducing the price after having worked through its backlog of pre-orders and starting to improve cost with higher volume production. However, the Performance version was available with or without a “Performance Package” that adds several features: With the update today, Tesla is now making the package standard on Model Y Performance orders — now starting just below $60,000: This new configuration is in line with what Tesla did with the Model 3 Performance version. Shop the official Tesla store for Tesla lifestyle products and apparel for men, women and kids. Thanks to a generous Car and Driver reader, we were able to test an all-wheel-drive Long Range, which zipped from zero-to-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, a mere 0.4 second behind our long-term Model 3 sedan. Par rapport à une Model 3 équivalente, le crossover "zéro émission" demande un surcoût de plus de 5.000€. Tesla has reduced the price of the Model Y starting price below $50,000, and it has updated the Performance version. There are few ways to customize your Model Y, and only five colors for the exterior—three of which cost an additional $1000 or $2000. Questions des lecteurs Quel est le prix d’un Tesla Model Y? Tires: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, 255/40R-20 101W M+S TO, DIMENSIONS Key safety features include: Warranty coverage for the Model Y mirrors that of the Model 3, Model S, and Model X models, which means four years or 50,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage and eight years or 100,000 miles of coverage for the battery and electric motors. $57,190 (base price: $54,190), MOTORS1 permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 1 AC induction, 272 and 212 hp; combined output, 384 hp, 376 lb-ft; 80.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, CHASSIS The optional third row of seats adds a steep $3000 to the Model Y's price—we can't imagine they'll be spacious enough for adults to ride in comfort. Tesla Model Y specifics: design, autonomy, modular seats, autopilot. As the two youngest electric vehicles to join Tesla’s fleet, the Model 3 and Model Y have quickly helped propel the automaker to a market cap over $270 billion. 1/4 mile: 12.7 @ 114 mph If you charge overnight at home, you can wake up to a full battery every morning. The currently enabled features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous. Tesla Model Y honest first impression, test drive and hands-on! Our car experts choose every product we feature. Tesla, however, bucks this trend in the luxury segment, and does very well among its peers. It’s a $3,000 price drop from the $52,990 price that the base version of the electric SUV had since its launch in March. The EPA estimates that the Long Range model is good for 131 MPGe in the city and 117 MPGe on the highway, while the Performance model's fuel economy estimates are 115 MPGe city and 106 MPGe highway. Buying an electric car is all about the range, and the Long Range and Performance models offer 326 and 303 miles of driving range, respectively. Now the same version of the Model 3 is only $3,000 less expensive than the Model Y, which was originally supposed to be about $5,000 more expensive than the smaller Model 3 depending on the configuration. Model Y is capable in rain, snow, mud and off-road. Tesla Model Y is an all-electric compact SUV built on Tesla's third-generation vehicle platform. Décryptage du modèle Tesla Model Y par la rédaction Caradisiac: Essais, avis de propriétaires, comparatifs, fiabilité sur le modèle Tesla Model Y. Forum Tesla Model Y. Si vous avez des questions concernant le véhicule Tesla Model Y, toute la communauté vous attend pour échanger et discuter sur le forum voiture électrique. Driving range is superb with a maximum range of up to 316 miles per charge; more expensive rivals such as the Audi e-tron and the Jaguar I-Pace offer far less. Model Y is capable in rain, snow, mud and off-road. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. Model Y is capable in rain, snow, mud and off-road. Tesla Model Y is an all-electric compact SUV built on Tesla's third-generation vehicle platform. Combined/city/highway: 121/129/112 MPGe, Tested: 2020 Model Y Takes Tesla Mainstream, Three-Row Tesla Model Y Production Starting Soon, Tesla Model Y Has Protective Sensor Heaters. Even more advanced features such as a self-parking feature and a Summon feature are optional. Where Is the 2020 Tesla Model S Built? Last quarter, Tesla also decreased Model 3 prices across the lineup. Quel est son prix? The Model Y offers the same entertainment functions as the Model 3, including embedded Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube apps as well as video games perfect for killing time while waiting for the battery to charge at the public charging station. The 2020 Tesla Model Y is a premium all-electric crossover/SUV that shares its fundamental structure with the Model 3 sedan. It joins the Model X within Tesla's lineup of electric SUVs. Top gear, 30–50 mph: 1.7 sec The Model Y doesn't come with the larger Model X crossover's complicated Falcon Wing doors; its interior is mostly carryover from the Model 3 sedan. While we just have long-term figures for the Model S, Tesla's success bodes well for current (no pun intended) and future Tesla models. For the base version, the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor, Tesla is reducing the price to $49,990. Rolling start, 5–60 mph: 4.6 sec It's hard to say what might change with the Model Y for 2021, because unlike other automakers, Tesla is known to make a series of running changes throughout the year rather than group things into a large batch when flipping the switch from model year to model year. The comparison with the Tesla Model 3 is obvious with dimensions that vary from 50 to 70 cm. For the 5-year and 7-year periods, Tesla has ranked 2nd behind Lexus. Braking, 70–0 mph: 161 ft As a result, we'd go with the Long Range, which offers plenty of performance. Tesla is a transportation and energy company. A la fois plus grand et plus spacieux, il permet de transporter jusqu’à 7 passagers. The vehicle is similar to … We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. The Model Y that we tested was a Long Range model, and over our 200-mile highway fuel economy test route we recorded just 94 MPGe and an estimated highway driving range of 220 miles. Tesla offers the 2020 Model S in Long Range Plus and Performance variants. These new images show just how much bigger the Tesla Model Y is than the Model 3.In fact, in terms of height, the Y is much closer to the Model X than to the 3.. And it's the newest Tesla on the block. Wheelbase: 113.8 in While the Model Y offers impressive acceleration, it doesn't deliver the same level of driving satisfaction as the Model 3. More. our 200-mile highway fuel economy test route, Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, Standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist, Standard adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode, Limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles, Powertrain warranty covers 8 years or 100,000 miles. Tesla is known for its very advanced Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system, and the Model Y offers the feature as standard. This is the BRAND NEW Tesla Model Y Performance. Which Tesla Model S Model Is Right for Me? Ford Mustang Mach-E will compete with the Tesla Model Y -- and Model 3. Credit: Ford [UPDATE] One of the most anticipated electric cars of 2020 is the Mustang Mach-E. 130 mph: 17.2 sec But Tesla is trying to be better than the dealer model and have more consistent prices by owning the entire distribution system. For the base version, the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor, Tesla is reducing the price to $49,990. Tesla Model Y And 3 Size From this perspective, the Model Y appears to be closer in height to the X than to the 3. Model Y’s price cut follows a price increase of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite on July 1st, by $1,000, from $7,000 to $8,000 across its entire fleet of vehicles. While the interior lacks the panache of non-EV rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz GLC-class or Volvo XC60, it's still fairly comfortable and practical, if a little rough around the edges. Highway range: 220 miles, EPA FUEL ECONOMY 60 mph: 4.4 sec Like the Model 3, the Model Y lineup will eventually include a cost-leader trim (in this case, a rear-wheel-drive version of the Long Range model), but the first variants to launch will be the all-wheel-drive Long Range and Performance models. Design and order your Tesla Model Y, the car of the future. Elon Musk reveals he looked to sell Tesla to Apple, VW ends electric e-Golf in favor of new ID.3, Pete Buttigieg wants 'millions' of EVs on US roads, You’re reading Electrek— experts who break news about, Get interesting investment ideas by Fred Lambert, ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger, Increased top speed from 145mph to 155mph, Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best prices for dealers in the US, Tesla reduces Model Y prices, now starts below $50,000, decreased Model 3 prices across the lineup, dealerships trying to do that with the Mustang Mach-E, Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos. Tesla dévoile les tarifs français de son SUV compact Model Y, dont les versions européennes n'entreront en production que début 2021.Trois configurations haut de gamme sont proposées pour le lancement. It has two motors, four wheels and a ton of power. VEHICLE TYPE front- and mid-motor, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door wagon. Brakes (F/R): 14.0-in vented disc/13.2-in vented disc Tesla Moves to Fully Vegan, Leather-Free Interiors in Model 3 and Upcoming Model Y A years-long, shareholder-led push to drive Tesla away from leather luxury is getting closer to reality. But the latter comes with 20-inch wheels, a lowered suspension, a higher top speed (145 mph), quicker claimed acceleration, and a dedicated Track mode. 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range.

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